Synesthesia with


Leonore Egbert

Smelling Colors and Seeing Sounds

African lime soap smells colorful and Aleppo soap’s fragrance is grey-beige. Coldplay’s music is especially vibrant and she sees her own name in light blue: For Leonore Egbert numbers, letters and sensory impressions, e.g. aromas and sounds, trigger colorful synesthetic perceptions. Synesthesia is her life theme. Leonore is active in the DSG (German Synesthesia Association) and enthusiastic about the exchange between other synesthetes. She hopes for greater public awareness about this phenomenon.

Leonore Egbert

I consider my synesthesia to be an incredibly precious gift. The more I explore, use and understand it, the more right it feels.

Colored Numbers with Strong Character

The numbers 1 through 4 appear on the left, while 5 through 9 are located on the right. Number 2 is bright yellow and very happy, while the number 4 is blood-red and angry. Leonore Egbert‘s perception of a number combines three forms of synesthesia. This combination of grapheme color synesthesia and “number forms” causes her to perceive numbers in color and arranged three-dimensionally to one another. Numbers also have personal attributes or character traits (Ordinal Linguistic Personification).