Synesthesia with


Silja Müller

Music in an Outburst of Color

Her mother is the number 9; C sharp is a loner and the number 25 tastes like cold, sweet yoghurt. The violin performance graduate experiences multifaceted synesthestic perception in various combinations. For her, musical notes have character traits, whereas letters, numbers and shapes are seen in kaleidoscopic colors. Days of the week and months are arranged three-dimensionally within a space and she associates people with specific colored numbers. Silja Müller composes music synesthetically by arranging sounds, colors and tastes so that they harmonize with each other.

Colorful Compositions

The musical note C is as red as a hot chili pepper and F sounds like tiger’s-eye brown: Dive into Silja’s fascinating world of synesthetic compositions.

Move over the individual colors and nuances to activate the associated musical notes.