Synesthesia with


Molly Holst

Moving Color Sequences

Molly Holst would love nothing more than being able to share her synesthetic world with someone. Her synesthetic perceptions are especially stimulated through the hypersensitive sense of hearing and haptics (touch). These perceptions often take place in the mouth (palate), which is not always pleasant. For example, when she comes in contact with plastic, it triggers an oily, bitter taste. Sounds and tones pass by her as multidimensional shapes, figures or colors – and affect her posture and how she perceives her body: Molly embraces these perceptual progressions and seems to move synchronously to them.

I hear you pitter-patter

The show “Sendung mit der Maus” awakens happy childhood memories for nearly everyone. For Molly Holst, they taste like brittle and look like coconut shells falling into piles.

Molly Holst

It’s like synesthetic cave painting, but the VR headset brings it to the 21st century! Unbelievable!

Molly's Synesthesia Records

Emotional and expressive: experience synesthetic perception in a new dimension

Emotional and expressive: experience synesthetic perception in a new dimension

Colorful perceptions triggered by acoustic stimuli are known as “colored hearing“. These visual sensations are a part of Molly Horst’s synesthetic perceptions. Each sound evokes a synesthetic image with very different color sequences and emphases, which she then sketches and illustrates on paper.

The VR App “Synesthesia – true colors” opens up completely new possibilities to experience colored hearing in an individual way and share it with others. “I think it’s extremely exciting and I was very touched when the first image progression was finished and I could see it using the VR headset. Then I thought: This is you Molly, this is you!”

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